McGrew Real Estate

McGrew real estate has held a strong position of leadership in the Lawrence and regional markets for over 50 years.  McGrew named The Agency its Agency of Record in January 2015 to evolve its brand messaging and to reinforce its position through a targeted, effective and memorable social media strategy.

Social Media Workshop

The Client:

McGrew Real Estate is the leading real estate agency of the past eight decades across the Lawrence and Northeast Kansas areas. Fueled by sincere, intelligent team players to showcase their gold star home listings, McGrew real estate agents go beyond their standard role. They serve as an imperative part of the entire customer journey and home buying process. McGrew thrives on innovation, leadership, trust, security and being a part of the community through authentic messaging.

The Problem:

As the Lawrence real estate market leader since the 1930s, McGrew was looking for a fresh update to their brand messaging to home buyers, sellers, and new agents. Instead of creating the messaging, they were reacting to it.

The Insight:

Transform McGrew into the 21st century by asserting them as experts on all things Lawrence.

The Solution:

We conducted a two day social media workshop covering the topics of social media etiquette and mindset, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, real time marketing, thought leadership, and search engine optimization. This resulted in McGrew agents having a stronger presence on social media that effectively represents their brand.

We also created anthemic videos and webisodes to develop McGrew’s online video presence and showcase their company as an integral part of the Lawrence and Northeastern Kansas community. The anthemic video features a chilling capture of the town of Lawrence and all that it has to offer. Whereas the anthemic videos bring a funny, light, and uplifting mood to the often daunting process of home buying and selling.